Junit5 Assumptions

Assumptions are used to run tests only if certain conditions are met. This is typically used for external conditions that are required for the test to execute properly, but which are not directly related to whatever is being unit tested. If the assumeTrue() condition is true, then run the … Continue reading

Junit5 tutorial: Part2

Before exploring this part, please read first part 1 is here. Junit5 for beginners. In this tutorial let us make our hands dirty and have practical experience. If you are using Maven or Gradle for either of the build tool you can use dependency. Maven dependency for Junit 5.0: Add below … Continue reading

Junit5 tutorial: Part-1

Junit5 tutorials for beginner. Junit is the Java’s most popular unit testing library, recently has released a new version 5. JUnit 5 is a combination of several modules from three different sub-projects.  JUnit 5 = JUnit Platform + JUnit Jupiter + JUnit Vintage JUnit is an open-source … Continue reading