go lang

Introduction to Go language for beginners.

This is an introduction to the Go programming language. Go is an open-source programming language that makes it easy to build simplereliable, and efficient software.

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Go is similar to the C programming language. It is memory safe and has garbage collection. Go has high-speed compilation and excellent tooling support. It contains built-in primitives for concurrency.

The Go programming language is an open source project to make programmers more productive.

Why Go:-

Go programming language is designed from the ground and it’s developed and designed by Google to solve the problems which are faced by google on a massive scale. GO also combines really good features of programming languages such as c, java, and python. It contains built-in primitives for concurrency. It is memory safe and has garbage collection. Go has high-speed compilation and excellent tooling support.

About Go:

Go language is a programming language initially developed at Google in the year 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It is a statically-typed language having syntax similar to that of C. It provides garbage collection, type safety, dynamic-typing capability, many advanced built-in types such as variable length arrays and key-value maps. It also provides a rich standard library. The Go programming language was launched in November 2009 and is used in some of the Google’s production systems.

Features of Go:

The most important features of Go programming are listed below −

  1. Support for environment adopting patterns similar to dynamic languages. For example, type inference.
  2. Compilation time is fast.
  3. Inbuilt concurrency support.
  4. Go programs are simple, concise, and safe.
  5. Support for Interfaces and Type embedding.
  6. Production of statically linked native binaries without external dependencies.
Excluded features by Go lang:

The best thing about Go language they have excluded some of the feature which are really popular in other programming languages.

Below are the some of the excluded feature by Go language.

  1. inheritance
  2. The method or operator overloading
  3. Circular dependencies among packages
  4. Pointer arithmetic
  5. Assertions
  6. Generics