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Github recently announced Github package registry to publish and consume packages over GitHub. One-stop solution for all open source project.

Why Github Package Registry?

GitHub Package Registry is a software package hosting service, similar to,, or, that allows you to host your packages and code in one place. You can host software packages privately or publicly and use them as dependencies in your projects.

Over the last decade, we are using Github to maintain open-source projects. There are millions of public and private repositories are there on GitHub. Software development is a collaborative activity its teamwork. Irrespective of a language we have to publish that source code as a bundle so any other user can consume it as a dependency to do this we are always relying on different registry such as maven, Gradle, npm, and docker, etc. You can manage source code as well as your different package under one umbrella.

Github is committed to serving developers and given them different tools to improve the developer experience.

It’s your code, your packages, and one login.

Some developer did collaboration in open source either way either they will commit the code in some repository or they will import open source packages into there project. This is very critical to find out the open source packages that we can trust and import in the dependency graph. We need someone on whom we can rely on for a trust. Like while using open source packages we are always considering different aspects such as trust, community, support in terms of new features or in terms of compliance.

Github package Registry Goals:-

Github package registry launched with three main goals.

  1. Sharing:- You can share and manage your packages the way you are managing your code
  2. Productivity:- Improve your productivity, while managing software development lifecycle.
  3. Trust:– Develop, maintain and store your packages in the same secure environment with a single login.


“A picture is worth a thousand words

GitHub Package Registry is free for all repositories during the beta. And it will always be free for public and open source repositories.

To explore more please refer to this link.

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