Android for a smart device.

Android for a smart device.

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Android Things is Google’s new OS for smart devices.

What is Android Things?

If you can build an app, you can build a smart device.

Android things are Google android based IOT (Internet of Things) platform. Android things have android os stack with additional support for IOT. Google IO 2015 google announced Brillo & Wave for IOT.

Android things pushed the boundaries of android mobile os to work on hardware peripheral devices & drivers.

Overview of Android Things.

Android things platform is android based but this is different from the Android mobile OS. Below image describes the overview architecture of Android things. Android Things provide you the ease & power of Android. Enhance your device with google & android things.

Don’t reinvent wheel, build autonomous vehicle.

Android things platform come with Android SDK, Google services Java API F/W with things support a library. If you are already familiar with android or java then download preview version & build your own IOT device.

Android Things is an additional plugin in Android stack, don’t worry to learn from scratch just take few minutes & build it.

Use android infrastructure? Why we have to use Android Infrastructure?

Android is built in a mature platform for device program. Android is available for mobile, watch, TV, car and know for devices. The best part of Android Things development is very similar to traditional Android mobile development and involves writing apps using the Android framework with android studio IDE and tools. You need is a development board flashed with the Android Things OS and the required peripherals for your device.

Though Android Things devices will be able to integrate with Android (and or other ) devices, they would do so through Weave, a related but distinct communications system that Google launched alongside Brillo back in 2015.

The hope is that experienced developers will be able to quickly adapt, get up to speed and start work on a new product.

Android is now every where isn’t it? Arduino kit.

Advantages of Android Things.

  1. Open source.
  2. Android ecosystem.
  3. New APIs for IOT devices.
  4. Google API & services are build in.
  5. Trusted Security.
  6. The power of google at fingertips.

Getting started Android Things.

Build you first APP.

To download system image & test application.

Make Hands dirty with more sample.

Go through the Android things Github page

This is just trailer. Go deeper find more & let me know as well.

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